After getting lab work done, many patients worry for a few days, and then assume that no news is good news. Going on with your life and putting the worry of the tests behind you, however, could be a major mistake.

When No News is Bad News

More than ever, medical mistakes in Virginia and across the nation are being caused by a lack of proper medical test result reporting. This means that too often, patients are not contacted, even when their test results indicate a serious problem. Other times, the lab never gives results to the doctor who ordered them, or the results go to the wrong doctor.

In one recent case, a woman and her doctor never got the results of her mammogram. The test results indicated the presence of breast cancer and without treatment, the cancer spread, unchecked, for over a year.

Protecting Yourself from a Medical Mistake in Virginia

While your doctor and the lab techs responsible for your medical tests should ensure that the results are properly reported, too often this does not happen. Therefore, our Norfolk, VA medical malpractice attorneys urge you to ensure that you get the results of any medical tests from your doctor. No news does not always mean good news, and it may be up to you to prevent a serious, even deadly, medical mistake.

If you or a loved one have been harmed because of a medical mistake in Virginia Beach, act now. Contact an experienced advocate of patient rights at 757.625.1214 for your free consultation.
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