Are you a mother who would like the father of your child or children to get a paternity test? Is the father fighting you, putting off getting the test, or denying that he is the father of your child?

If so, it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced Virginia Beach family law attorney. There are legal options for you. You may have the right to file for a court ordered DNA test.

Getting a Court-Ordered Paternity Test in Virginia

If the court orders it, the man you believe is the father of your child or children will be made to take paternity test. In order to prove paternity, samples will be taken from your child and the alleged father.

The tests are performed at a court appointed testing facilities. The results of these tests are estimated to be 98 percent accurate and results are generally legally binding.

This means that if it is found that the man in question is the father, he is legally obligated to pay child support. However, you should also recognize that a positive result will entitle the father to certain parental rights. If he wishes he has the right to ask for visitation and custody of the child.

Getting Legal Help for Proving Paternity in Virginia

An experienced, compassionate Virginia Beach child support lawyer can be the key to getting the father of your child to submit to a paternity test. Do not let him delay his obligations as a father any longer. Get the help you need, now, by calling 757.625.1214 and scheduling your free, confidential consultation.

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