When ‘Do No Harm’ Doesn’t Work: Common Emergency Room Mistakes

According to a study published in the journal Academic Emergency Medicine, over two-thirds of medical malpractice claims against emergency departments end in favor of the doctor or hospital. This means that if you come out of the ER in worse condition than you went in, you will have a tough time getting justice. Arm yourself by being aware of the most common mistakes made.

Patients At Risk: Most Common Medical Errors Made in the ER

Although it may not be surprising that medical personnel make errors in the high-pressure environment of the ER, it is not acceptable. Many different types of mistake can be made, but the following are the most common:

  • Misdiagnosis. Doctors and nurses are forced to work quickly, and misdiagnoses can be made because of the pressure and lack of time to perform their jobs thoroughly and accurately. Receiving treatment for the wrong condition can cause irreversible damage.
  • Improper performance of a procedure. ER doctors and nurses are required to handle any medical situation that comes through their doors. This sometimes mean they are performing procedures with which they have little or no experience, which could result in harm to the patient.
  • Delayed treatment. Patients are often left in the emergency room for hours on end, which can result in worsening conditions or even death.
  • Medication mistakes. Doctors and nurses may mistakenly prescribe the wrong medication, administer the wrong drugs, or miss a documented allergy and give the patients medication that their bodies cannot tolerate.
  • Improper discharge. In the rush that is the emergency room, staff sometimes neglects to tell discharged patients the proper discharge instructions. Because of this, they may go home and experience worsening conditions because they weren’t given the information they needed to get better.

Fighting the ER Alone Is a Losing Battle

To win a medical malpractice case against an emergency department doctor, you will need an attorney on your side who knows how to gather evidence to support your claim. Instead of going it alone, enlist the help of an experienced attorney from Tavss Fletcher. We will do what we can to help you get the compensation you deserve.


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