Does it shock you to find that more than half of medical malpractice damages are awarded to people who have undergone an outpatient procedure? If you have been harmed by an outpatient medical procedure, than you know just how much damage a "simple in and out procedure" can do.

Researchers believe that the danger in outpatient surgeries lies in the absence of aftercare. In the hospital, patients are frequently checked on by both doctors and nurses.  In an outpatient facility the patient is often left to the care of a friend or family member. In addition, the levels of cleanliness and safety may be sub-par at a doctor's office, where most hospitals have more stringent safety procedures.

You Can Get Legal Help for Damages Done by an Outpatient Medical Procedure

If you have been injured by what you believe to be a preventable medical mistake, either in the hospital or at an outpatient clinic, there is something you can to. As experienced Virginia medical malpractice attorneys we know that you have more questions than answers. Please contact a lawyer today for your free consultation. You are hurting. Let us help.

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