Auto Accident Victims Have Rights—an Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help You Understand Them

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  • How Posting to Social Media Could Devalue Your Claim After suffering a car accident injury, refraining from social media is the safest option. Otherwise, an insurance adjuster might use your posts against you.
  • Common Insurance Company Surveillance Tactics If you’ve suffered car accident injuries recently, you need to know how insurance companies try to avoid payouts using surveillance tactics.
  • Diabetic Driver Found At Fault in Virginia Accident Certain medical conditions can injure not only the sufferer but those around them as well. A recent Virginia lawsuit addressed the issue of driving with medical conditions that can cause auto accidents. In this case a diabetic suffered from a hypoglycemic event while driving and injured another motorist. The injured motorist won his long battle with the insurance company after it was found that this was not the first accident the diabetic driver had caused.