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Police Probe Leads to Multiple Drug Arrests in Bedford County

Posted on Nov 06, 2011

A total of 13 people have been arrested in Bedford County, Virginia. All 13 arrests are part of an in-depth, six-month investigation into an illegal drug manufacturing and distribution operation.


Sheriff Mike Brown has stated that the arrests were part of a large investigation that included the local police force, Virginia State Police, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives.


"The arrests were made throughout the county and included three major prescription pill distributors," said Sheriff Brown.


The numerous arrests covered a wide range of drug charges and include:

  • Two suspects from Roanoke charged with distributing cocaine

  • Two suspects from Thaxton charged with distributing a schedule II controlled substance

  • Eight suspects from Bedford, Goode, and Huddleston charged with manufacturing marijuana with intention to distribute

  • One suspect charged with both the manufacture and distribution of marijuana


Six Suspects Remain


While police arrested 13 suspects, six have not been found or arrested. At the time of this report, Sheriff Brown had not yet released the names of those suspects.


The group of arrested individuals range in age from 18 to 55 and have been accused of manufacturing and/or selling: marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs (schedule II controlled substance).

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