Multiple Drug Busts at the Port of Hampton Roads

Posted on Sep 18, 2012

A new task force seems to be doing its job. Made up of agents from 10 different local, state and federal agencies, including Homeland Security Investigations, ICE and the U.S. Coast Guard's Investigative Service, this task force has seized large amounts of drugs from several ships.

According to reports from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a multi-agency task force has been credited with several maritime drug seizures. The agents involved in the busts are part of the Border Enforcement Security Task Force. The task force is based out of Hampton Roads, and their latest bust occurred at the port there.

Cocaine and Heroin Found Onboard Vessel

The most recent drug seizure took place onboard a boat in the Port of Hampton Roads. Agents and officers discovered two kilograms of cocaine and two kilograms of heroin hidden away in the ceiling of an onboard bathroom. The vessel had come from Asia and though the exact country of origin has not been released, its final destination was the shores of Virginia. 

Thus far, there have been no arrests made in connection to the bust. No crew members are currently under suspicion of hiding the drugs and the investigation is ongoing.  

Another recent maritime drug bust involved the seizure of 32 kilos of cocaine off of one arriving vessel and another 3 kilos from a different vessel. Both were set to dock and unload in Hampton roads.

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