As you most likely know, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be very difficult to deal with. Even after you faithfully and honestly file and pay your taxes, the IRS may still come after you and give you a hard time about the accuracy of your taxes. Being involved in an IRS audit can be frustrating, scary, and time consuming.


An audit is the process that the IRS uses to determine if you have properly reported all of your income and took the correct deductions. During an audit, it is your duty as the tax payer to prove to the IRS that you properly filed your taxes.


The IRS uses three types of audits to determine whether or not you properly filed. They type of audit the IRS will use depends on the amount of revenue you reported. The three types of audits are:

  • Correspondence – This type of audit is most commonly used by the IRS. Generally, the IRS will ask you to mail in certain documents they need to support items on your tax return.
  • Office – An office audit done by the IRS setting up a meeting with you. You will be asked to bring specific documents to support your tax claims. The IRS will send you a letter stating the date and time to meet. They may ask difficult questions that you may want to defer until another meeting when you can speak with a Virginia tax attorney.
  • Field or home – During a field audit or home audit the IRS will come to your home or business for an audit. This type of audit is usually the most serious. The IRS typically uses there top auditors and is reserved mostly for those with high income.


If you are contacted for an audit with the IRS, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Norfolk tax attorney at Tavss Fletcher. For a free case evaluation, call 757-625-1214.

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