Why Making Consistent Statements After an Auto Collision Is Important

Woman Giving a Statement After a Car WreckIf you were injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you do not want to make mistakes that weaken your claim and your right to compensation for your injuries. One way to avoid problems when negotiating your settlement with the insurance company is to be consistent when talking to them.  

How Being Inconsistent in Your Statements Could Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

The insurance company will look for reasons to deny your claim and to pay you less than you are entitled to in your settlement. They love to search for other statements you made to others to see if they are consistent with what you are telling them now. Here are inconsistencies that could hurt your case:

  • You could lie about how the accident occurred.
  • You could exaggerate what injuries you have or the seriousness of your injuries.
  • You could engage in activities that are not consistent with what you should be able to do given your injuries.
  • You could inadvertently make an inconsistent statement if the insurance adjuster asks you tricky questions designed to elicit a response that they want to use against you.

After you file your claim, the insurance adjuster would investigate the cause of your car accident and injuries. They may hire a private investigator to spy on you and search your social medial sites. If your statements to the police, doctors, insurance adjuster, and others are inconsistent, the insurance adjuster would use this information to claim that you are being dishonest or are not a credible witness. Depending on the inconsistent statements you made, you may be forced to accept less than you deserve in your settlement.

Tips on How to Be Consistent

Fortunately, if you are careful about what you say when speaking to others, you can avoid making inconsistent statements. Here are tips on how to remain consistent in what you say:

  • Use clear, simple language and stick to discussing the basic facts when talking to the insurance company and others.
  • Do not offer additional information other than answering the insurance adjuster’s questions.
  • Avoid any admissions of faults, such as saying “I’m sorry.”
  • Limit your communications with the insurance company for the negligent driver to avoid making an inconsistent statement by mistake.
  • Hire an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your auto collision. They will take over all communications with the insurance company and can advise you on what to say if you must speak to the insurance adjuster.

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